Weddings and funerals are deeply personal times and should be created around the unique personalities and lives of the people involved. They’re both really special occasions that can beautifully celebrate life and love. Independent Celebrants are all about personal and heart felt ceremonies.

Yesterday I was talking with a family who’ve had the joy of several weddings recently and the sadness of a couple of funerals. The overriding sense was that they were disappointed because all of these events, whilst led by professionals, were impersonal ceremonies and in one case the registrar treated the couple being married like children by ordering them around quite brusquely.

Obviously there are many excellent registrars and ministers who provide a great service but they are necessarily hemmed in by the structures of the State or the Church. Because of these restrictions they end up with a standard script with minimal choice. We’ve all been to ceremonies, especially funerals, where it feels like the celebrant is reading from a standard script with only the name changed. Surely, when leaving a funeral, one should be able to say with confidence that you recognised the person the celebrant was talking about.

An Independent Celebrant, especially a trained and qualified one, is free of these restrictions and can create a ceremony that is completely customised and personal. If you’re following our Facebook page you’ll have seen the recent photos of a Celtic Handfasting ceremony I was involved in. This is a beautiful and ancient wedding ceremony steeped in pre-Christian British folklore. We celebrated their marriage in the stones at Stonehenge! The really interesting part of it is that the couple are evangelical Christians from the USA. We were able to re-write the ceremony to honour their Christian faith and celebrate their love in a unique style and wonderful location (for more on locations for weddings take a look at our blog post on the subject here).
The point is that an Independent Celebrant will take the time to get to know you and create a ceremony around who you are and what you want. Let’s have an end to impersonal funerals and cookie-cutter weddings!

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