The answer is that you can!

Traditionally the only place you could get married in the UK was either in a recognised church or a registry office. Over time the government recognised the growing demand for something more flexible and introduced a licensing scheme for venues wanting to offer marriages. There are about 7500 such venues around the country (September 2016 numbers) and many offer the full range of services from Registrar to catering and entertainment. Some are wildly imaginative such as the Lower Gun Room at Pendennis Castle in Cornwall but
many are just another room in just another hotel. We’ve all seen too many weddings where the person up the front is just reading a script they’ve read a hundred times and simply changing the names. Not really very “special” after all.

There is another slight challenge with a Registrar and that is that they cannot have any religious element present in the ceremony. It has to be completely secular so your choice of music and readings cannot include

anything from the Bible or any other religious text or hymn book. You cannot have a friend come and bless your wedding with a favourite prayer. Everyone will tell you that this is your day and you should have it just the way you want it but then they’ll give you a menu of options very few of which you really want.

There is another way…

All it takes is a little imagination and some flexibility. By choosing an independent celebrant you can separate the legal part, the ceremony and the celebration and re-combine them in they way that suits you best at your choice of location – even your back garden!

Of course outdoor weddings in the UK are always going to be a bit of a risk but if you’re willing to gamble with the weather then there are some truly magical places to plan your perfect ceremony. How about King Arthur’s Tintagel Castle?

The other thing that an independent celebrant brings is the personal touch to the ceremony. We take the time to understand you as a couple and the love story that has brought you to this point and then we weave this story into a deeply personal and heartfelt ceremony that truly reflects your personalities and desires.

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