I’m very thankful to be tucked up in the warm after braving the crisp cold earlier this morning. But the cold doesn’t have to hamper your celebrations at all. Days like today bring a special beauty all of their own, with bright clear skies, beautiful frosted leaves and rosy cheeks. So rather than dismiss winter as cold and dismal, let’s have a look at the kind of ceremony you could create in this chilly season…

See the cold days as a chance to wrap up in sumptuous knitwear and make the most of seasonal colours and foliage.

And of course, you can always liven things up with a bit of festive spirit!

So don’t discount the darker months when it come to holding your celebrations.

You may not be able to make the most of the outdoors but you can create wonderful atmospheres with candlelight, roaring fires, festive cheerĀ and warming drinks.

You can find more visual inspiration on our Winter Wonderland board on Pinterest here…

Image credits:
Anastasia Belik
MK Photography
Birds of a feather photography