Handfasting is a ceremony that is steeped in ancient Celtic tradtions, full of symbolism, primarily involving the binding of the couples hands with a cord. While there can be many elements and rituals included in a handfasting, it is also fully customisable and you are free to choose which parts to include. It can take place within a stone or rope circle or the guests can form the circle boundary around the couple.

Handfastings can be held at Stonehenge, however its availabity can be an issue. There are other alternatives such as Avebury Stone Circle or the Rollright Stones in Oxfordshire.

The ceremony set within a circle can include but is not limited to:

Elemental Blessing

Blessing the Rings

The Binding of hands

Sword, Chalice and Ring exchange

Jumping the broom

We make the Handfasting chord using the colours of your choice, which you then get to have as a keepsake from your ceremony. Below you will find a list of colours and their general meenings.

Red:passion, love, strength, lust, fertility, health

Orange:encouragement, attraction, kindness, plenty

Yellow:charm, confidence, joy, balance, attraction

Green: finances, fertility, charity, prosperity, health, nurturing

Blue:tranquility, patience, devotion, sincerity, understanding, longevity & strength

Purple:power, piety, sanctity, sentimentality, healing

Black:strenth, wisdom, vision, success

Grey:neutrality, canceling, balance

White: purity, concentration, meditation, peace, truth, serenity and devotion

Pink:love, unity, honour, truth, romance, happiness

Brown: earth, grounding, talent, home and hearth

Silver: treasure, values, creativity, inspiration, protection

Gold:energy, wealth, intelligence, longevity, strength

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