The journey into parenthood is most certainly life changing and one that is worthy of being celebrated in memorable fashion. In a world where everything moves at such speed, it is very special to be able to make time to mark these momentous occasions. It’s important to take time to stand still and just take in the emotion of the moment, especially when childhood seems to pass us by in a heartbeat.

What is a Naming Ceremony?

Baby Naming Ceremonies are a relatively new concept in the UK but one that is gaining popularity at speed. A Baby Naming Ceremony or Naming Day is a wonderful way to bring your family and friends together in celebration of your newborn, a time in which you can formally “give them their name” and share hopes, dreams and promises for the future with them.

The beauty of a Naming Ceremony is that you can have them pretty much anywhere, so you can make it a lavish affair or an intimate gathering of your closest family and friends. A Naming Ceremony is not based in religion, so it is the perfect way to combine both religious and non-religious content and family traditions in what ever way you chose.

When we write your Baby Naming Ceremony with you, we can draw on any religious or cultural significances, including poems and readings no matter the origin. You can choose it just because you like it! We will create a ceremony that is unique to you and your family. If you’re stuck for ideas, we also have resources to help you.

What about Godparents?

The concept of Godparents with the Christian church and is closely linked with baptism and having other trusted adults to teach a child about religion. However, having significant adults in your child’s life, either family members or close friends, is not something that has to be limited to a religious context. People will often choose people who would become guardians should the worst happen, or even friends who can be close in proximity as the child is growing up.

There does seem to be a move to rename “Godparents” to disassociate the concept from the religious meaning while still maintaining the idea of what the relationship to the child means. A few alternatives such as “guideparents”, “guardians” and even “oddparents” have surfaced on the internet in recent times. It’s certainly worth thinking about the title you would like to give these people and the role you want them to play, and when it comes down to it, the relationship they have with your child is the important thing, rather than the name.

You may or may not choose to have Godparents, the choice is yours. If you do, then we can create special parts for these people within your naming ceremony. An alternative, if you chose not to have Godparents, is to make a point of creating a time for including grandparents and aunties and uncles.

This time is for you as parents too…

Whilst a Naming Ceremony or Day suggests it is a celebration of your child, it is also a time to make a point of celebrating your journey as parents. In those first few weeks and months of parenthood, getting to grips with your little person and the sleepless nights can take their toll. A naming ceremony is an opportunity for a bit of self love and support from family and friends, for you to be championed and spoilt by those closest to you. Gather the “village” around you, let someone else shower your baby with love while you celebrate (or sleep!).

This is an especially important aspect to think about if the beginning of your journey into parenthood has been traumatic in some way, from pregnancy through birth and beyond. A Naming Day or Ceremony can be a powerful, poignant way to celebrate coming through a dark time together and can serve as a way to help process and lay some of your feelings to rest. This day, filled with love and celebration, can become a point from which to move forward in a positive direction.

So let’s celebrate your new life together with a beautiful Naming Ceremony and create memories that you will cherish for years to come. Contact us here for more information.